Harriet's Croatian Adventure

31 year old Harriet Betts from Botley recently went to Croatia for a sailing experience which was part funded by the Geoff Smith Foundation. Acivities such as sailing can provide both mental and physical therepy to MS sufferers, particularly in the warmer climes. Harriet had a few problems but thoroughly enjoyed her trip as she explains:

I’m 31, I live in Botley and I was diagnosed with MS almost 2 years ago after a year and a half of countless appointments. When I saw the sailing trip I thought what a fantastic opportunity and something that may take my mind off everything that’s happening.
The trip was interesting to say the least, panic attack on the first night, food poisoning on the second night and on the fifth night I literally thought I was going to die in what seemed like the biggest storm ever. The last two days were totally amazing though and made everything worth it. I got to grips with sailing and did very well. I’d love to go again one day.
I heard about the Geoff Smith foundation from friends in the Hampshire MS group and went to the charities ball last year. A big thank you for your help getting to Croatia and having a fantastic experience.

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