Dan Mellor is running the London Marathon!

Dan Mellor, a committed supporter of the charity is running the London Marathon on Sunday for the Geoff Smith Foundation - its second time lucky for Dan as he had to retire with a broken leg before last year's race - Dan explains more below but in the meantime, you can sponsor him via Virgin Giving here

Hi all,

A lot of you obviously know that in April I was due to run the London Marathon in aid of The Geoff Smith Foundation.

Two weeks before the marathon I broke my leg in a freak accident obviously meaning I could no longer walk let alone run a marathon.

Well, fast forward 6 months I've began running again after a long time trying to build the strength back in my leg. I'm currently seeing running coach's and physios at the moment to continue to build my leg up and learn to run again in the most efficient and least painful way possible.

Anyway, The Geoff Smith Foundation were very nice to me after being a tit and allowed me to have the spot again for 2019.

So for those of you that don't know what they do have a quick read below.

The Geoff Smith Foundation do already due to previous events I've done for them but some of you may not know. They are a local charity spanning 20+ years supporting people that suffer from MS. They help with funding towards home improvements, help fund specialist equipment and they also have their own holiday villa in Spain for those effected. Even though they're local to Southampton, they actually help people all over the UK.

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