How you can help my wonderful
Fundraising Committee...

The Geoff Smith Foundation was started 20 years ago; the year after Geoff Smith, the Founder was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis: “We have helped hundreds of people with such things as home improvements, to make living in their own homes more accessible, such things as widening doors, so they can manoeuvre their wheelchairs. Gardens have been altered to be wheelchair friendly. Over the years we have bought many electric scooters, special beds, wheelchairs and car ramps, and even special computer equipment to help people that have limited hand and body movement.

After years of fundraising, the charity has raised nearly £950,000. To find out more about how we have raised funds, where those funds have been used and how you can help, please go here

The charity opened a house in Spain around 14 years ago. The house is open throughout the year for sufferers and their families to have a much-needed rest. We will carry on trying to help the people with this dreadful illness, for as long as we have the support.” Geoff Smith

If you would like to help the work of the Foundation we would be delighted to hear from you, or if you have MS and would like to learn more about how you might be able to receive support - more information can be found on the contact page of our website or via email


Over the last year, The Geoff Smith Foundation 100 Club has raised £20,000. Being a member of the 100 Club is as simple as it sounds - raise £100 to help our amazing local charity. Whether it’s a sponsored walk/cycle, a sponsored run such as the Southampton Half Marathon (we have 8 places for 2018), a coffee & cake morning, acar boot sale, a skittles or quiz night or  even taking the plunge from 10,000 feet! Every penny counts – and if you manage to raise more than the target £100, every pound is very much appreciated..! 

Whatever your event or activity, simply go to our Virgin Fundraising page here - when fundraising online it’s easy to add Gift Aid when donating. We are very happy to support you or raise awareness to help you reach your target and celebrate your success – thank you!

To find out more and to register for the 100 Club, please contact the charity via e-mail here 


Companies and individuals can sponsor a holiday for an MS sufferer for £500. Please get in touch by e-mail


We are always looking for companies to sponsor our charity fundraising events. It's a good way to put your company name in the public eye and do something worthwhile for MS sufferers and their families. If you can help, please email