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At the 2019 Gala Ball, an auction lot was won by Chris Neal and his partner Julie. The prize included two day's sailing...

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The next fun night at the West End Parish Centre will be a mix of horse racing (screen not real!), a quiz, play your cards...

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Well, what a day that was! The Gala Ball held back at the end of May was a great success and after the last of the pledged...

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There will be a Disco night at the West End Paris Centre on Friday 20th September - details in the attached poster.

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The last three fun nights at the West End Parish Centre will be as follows: September 20    Motown Disco...

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Thinking about next year's London Marathon or other running event - you can choose to raise money for the Geoff Smith Foundation. If you are interested, contact Tom Proctor via Geoff via the contacts page





Thank you for visiting our website.

The Geoff Smith Foundation provides a holiday villa in Spain for people suffering with MS. If you know about us already and want to book a holiday please go to the bookings page

Here's how it all started...

In 1997 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was terrified and my family were devastated. Much of our fear was based on ignorance of the facts and because there was, seemingly, so little information ready-to-hand to reassure me. Since that time I have learnt that there certainly can be a life after diagnosis, and in my case a rich and fulfilling one.

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with MS please don't despair. Why not use our MS info page to start your process of learning about the condition. There are many practical things you can do and we have linked-up with some very good sites. Good information is a wonderful friend at the start of a challenging journey.

I discovered straightaway that there was a lot of life left in me and a strong desire to enjoy myself despite the obvious setbacks. In 1998 I gathered my family and some trusted friends around me and set about raising some money for MS. It was a familiar response which has led to tOne of our villa guestshe birth of many great organisations in the past. Ours was very small-scale and indeed still is, but it was heartfelt, rewarding and wonderfully supported. We raised £40,000 in two years and bought a specially adapted minibus which we donated to the MS Society.

Now we were facing a decision. The choice was to step back and let others continue to support MS in any way they wished, or to set a new target for ourselves and register with the charity commission, thus committing ourselves to a long-term presence. We chose the latter. And I'll tell you why.

One of the myths about MS is that all MS sufferers experience increased discomfort in hot weather. Many do, of course, preferring cool or temperate climates. For them, the idea of going on holiday to a warm, sunny place is impractical and unappealing. For me it is the reverse. I find that I suffer more in the cold and as such, I have tried as often as possible to head for the sun, whenever funds and time have permitted. Of course everyone is different and each individual case is unique. We always recommend that you talk to your doctor before applying for one of our holidays. I spoke to several friends and fellow sufferers and found that many of them felt the same. It seems that conventional wisdom isn't always cut and dried. Read more about our holiday villa.

Armed with this insight we thought long and hard about what we, as a charity, wished to do in supporting MS. We decided that for those of you out there who, like us, find sunshine and warmth of practical benefit to you, we would purchase a holiday villa in Spain. The villa would be for the sole use of MS sufferers, their carers and dependants and would be offered on a first-come-first-served basis, to anyone in the UK who applied and had MS.

And so was born 'The Geoff Smith Foundation'.

Apart from One of our guest who enjoyed a recent holiday in Spaingeneral information about MS and the sensible links that will help you understand your illness, this website is mostly about our holiday villa in Spain, how to apply for a holiday, where it is and what facilities are available. You can check on the bookings diary to see what dates are available. In the end if you feel that you might benefit from a week in the sun you will probably want to contact us. If so, use the contacts page on this site.

It proved very hard raising the initial £100,000 for the villa and funding the ongoing maintenance costs are a continual challenge. We have support from patrons such as football legend Matt Le Tissier and other personalities to raise our profile. But the hard graft is still undertaken by my incredible family and a growing core of dedicated friends, business people and fellow sufferers who quietly go about the enormous task of keeping this beacon alight.

Put simply, if it wasn't for the fundraising we wouldn't be offering a subsidised holiday villa in Spain. At a recent fundraising event, held jointly with the Magpie Trust in Southampton, Alan Titchmarsh was kind enough to attend. He said something which perfectly summarises my views on charities and fundraising. He said " There's a growing 'They' culture in Britain.'They' should do more. 'They' should sort it out. 'They' could help us. Well I don't believe in 'They'. It's 'us' and if 'us' don't put our hands in our pockets to help 'us', then none of this good work would ever get done."

A lovely way to put it. It's how we feel. So....Can you help 'us'. We have several fundraising events during the course of each year. Do have a look at our fundraising page in case you are able to help.

Apologies for the long introduction but I did want to give you some background to who we are and how we think. We are here for you and your loved ones.There is much to be thankful for. Of course I have many daily challenges but I also have the privilege of knowing how many people out there are only too happy to support, help and work with MS sufferers as the fight goes on to defeat it once and for all.

Thank you for reading

Geoff Smith - Founder